Gautham Nallavari

Born and brought up in India, with degrees in engineering from India and an MBA from France, I worked for years as a consultant in USA and France. I had a successful and growing career, but still felt that there was something missing. There were still many burning questions, many unknowns and mysteries about the histories and cultures of distant and ancient lands, which I longed to explore. Characters from the history books were somehow calling me to re-explore their paths: I wanted to see for myself these distant lands, meet the people, immerse in their cultures and truly experience the diversity this world offered. Hence, I left the so-called ‘success fast track’ and took the road, following the ancient traders and conquerors to seek the riches of the Silk Route. I completed a 20,000 KM over-land journey from Greece to Hong Kong and wrote my travel experiences and analysis in my newest book "Seyyah" (available on Amazon). Ever since, everyday seems to be an effort to be a ‘Seyyah!’ I currently live in Istanbul, my favourite silk route city, with my wife. When not reading and planning for my next travel while sipping Turkish chai, I am either negotiating with the vendors in the spice bazaar or working as a management consultant.

I enjoy exploring the yet unexplored countries, countries with ancient history and diverse cultures, mountaineering, adventure travel, camping, trekking, food travel, over-land journeys and exploring off-the-beaten-path itineraries.

Current Location: Istanbul, Turkey 
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Activities of Expertise: Food Tours & Tastings, Sightseeing & Shopping, Adventure Travel, Experiential Travel, Luxury Experiences, Outdoor, Nature & Wildlife

Locations of Expertise:  

Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Tanzania, Most European Countries

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