Divyakshi Gupta

A girl who loves long road trips, finds magic in starry skies and cloud patterns, feels free in the mountains, is a self confessed door lover and  is obsessed with rustic windows, arty ceilings and textured walls. A travel blogger who loves traveling to off beat places to discover cultures, meet people, find stories and in the process, her own self. 

Have travelled extensively in India. Panned the length of country via road trips across the states. Extensive travel has led to networking and building a bond with locals. So have good recommendations of stay and travel in most places. 

I have been blogging since a decade and writing since the age of 9. I was the first Indian travel blogger to be featured and interviewed by wordpress.com. Have been featured as a top travel blogger by various portals including Thrillophila, Story pick, Holidify. Photos have been published in Jetwings, Nat Geo, Lonely Planet Magazine India. Freelanced for various travel brands: built custom made itineraries, written content for travel portals, been a social media consultant for Travel brands. Conducted various travel talks and workshops in Mumbai. Collaborated with tourism boards such as Goa tourism, Sharjah tourism, Kerala tourism, Hong Kong Tourism. 

Current Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Social Footprints: Blog  Connect on Facebook   Twitter   Connect on Instagram    

Activities of Expertise: Weekend Getaways, Experiential Travel, Outdoor, Nature & Wildlife, Sightseeing & Shopping, Luxury Experiences, Adventure Travel

Locations of Expertise:

Within India: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Sikkim.

Other Countries: Italy, Myanmar, Bhutan and UAE

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