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7 Days in Goa: Food, Nightlife, Adventure, Wildlife Trails & More...

Umang Trivedi

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An itinerary for the young at heart, this itinerary includes recommendations on the places to see in North & South Goa, best restaurants in town, adventure sports, spice tours, bird watching & wildlife trails in Goa.

Itinerary Destinations Destination(s): Goa (India)

GoPo Itinerary Duration Trip Duration: 7 Days & 6 Nights (Excludes Travel Time To & From Destination)

Itinerary Suitable ForSuitable For: Solo/Group Travellers, Families with Kids (10+ Years), Couples, Budget Travellers

What does this itinerary contain? What Do You Get? Daily Sightseeing Plan, Recommended Hotels, List of Best Restaurants in Goa, Youth & Party Hangouts, Local Tips.



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Goa is not just a state; it’s a state of happiness. The beautiful oceans and a laid back vibe welcome you to experience a lovely trip. Goa can be mainly categorized as either North or South. North Goa offers a variety of gastronomic delights, nightlife options and landmarks whereas, South Goa is more about the serene ambiance and white sand beaches. Culturally, Goa is very rich and offers a lot of avenues for indulgence.

This itinerary covers 7 Days in Goa, bringing out the best of this state. Out of the 6 nights, you will stay in North Goa for 4 nights and 2 in South.
What’s in the journey? 
The Sun
The breathtaking Sunset viewpoints offering a panoramic ocean view. Admire the myriad hues of the sky as the Sun sets at the Horizon.
The Sea
Take a peaceful stroll at the pristine oceans in South Goa or indulge in beach parties at the North Goa beaches.
The Activities
You will experience blissful activities like water sports, paragliding, hiking, kayaking, spice plantation tour, river rafting, bird watching, boat safari and more.

This itinerary is well suited for experiential travellers, foodies and adventure buffs. 

I will be available to answer any follow-up questions for users of this itinerary.

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Umang Trivedi, Travel Blogger @Travelmax

I focus on 3 segments of travel. Adventure, Offbeat travel and amazing experiences.

I also try & compile travel tips & Ideas. I create itineraries, list things to do, travel tips and love to suggest where to eat & enjoy the nightlife based on my own experiences. Compiling such tips & ideas allow me to help you plan your trip better and that’s what this blog is all about!

I particularly like exploring mountains and staying in homestays. When I am traveling, talking to locals and savoring local cuisine are my favorite experiences. Of course, admiring the beauty of untouched nature also overwhelms me.

Having an inclination towards trekking, I have completed several treks in the Himalayas. Two of them were over 15,000 feet. Rupin Pass trek and Stok Kangri peak summit offered me experiences which I would never forget for a lifetime.

I have tried Solo travel. But, prefer traveling with friends, family and strangers as well!

Current Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Social Footprints:     Mail Vaisakhi Mishra



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