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Building Good Itinerary Consultation Quotes

1. Why do I have to send the Quote? What should it contain?
The Quote you send acts as a pitch for your services as a Travel Expert and showcases your expertise and fit for that particular requirement. While, we don’t insist on a standard format, we do ask you to add certain elements to ensure that the Quote is complete. These are as below:
  1. Cost of Itinerary Consult (Mandatory)
  2. Turnaround Time (i.e., number of days you will take to submit the itinerary for the customer to review). Turnaround time will only be counted from when the Customer makes the payment for a consult thereby, confirming the consult order. (Mandatory)
  3. Any inclusions/exclusions: Whether your consultation will include stay options, suggestions for cab rental providers, etc. Please share this clearly as it sets the expectations right while reviewing a consult.
  4. Introduction/Outline: Typically, this acts as a summary for travellers to understand what the itinerary will offer and forms the body of your pitch. Some good elements to keep here are:
- Quick recap of what you have understood from their requirements
- A quick summary of your expertise in that place
- Highlights of what makes your itinerary unique
- Any questions you may have
- What advice you will provide and what will you exclude from the consult.
The order of these elements are interchangeable depending on how you'd like to pitch.
Here's an example- Let's say a customer shares the following requirement:

"We're 3 girls looking to take a 4 day road trip from Ahmedabad to Udaipur. Can you help?"



Here'a a sample pitch a Featured Expert can make:


"Hi ABC,

A road trip from Ahmedabad to Udaipur at this time of the year is a great idea. As I understand from your brief, you would be interested in finding a way to plan this trip with reliable cab operators and safe stops enroute as well as the attractions to plan to see. Do let me know if I’ve missed something here or if I’ve understood it wrong.

I believe I can help you put together this plan. I've been based in Ahmedabad for over 4 years now and have made several road trips to Udaipur and other places. One of my most memorable trips was the one I took to Udaipur with friends, last year. This trip was awesome because we got to go for a quick coffee at the Udaipur City Palace, had a farm stay in Gir where we enjoyed delicious, organic food and home made white butter. We also got to stay with this family who helped us plan an awesome visit to meet with one of the members of the royal family and a stay in hillside camps at Kumbalgarh. You can read all about my experience here at

For your requirement, I would suggest a trip to Udaipur with a quick 2 day stop at Kumbalgarh. The trip I have in mind for you will include all of the above unique experiences with personalized recommendations of homestays/hotels that I have been to in Udaipur & Kumbalgarh. I'll also help you chart out a route-map with scheduled stops where it's safe and clean to take bathroom breaks and get some refreshments. I can also put you in touch with a trusted cab rental company who I've personally tried out and I can vouch for their professionalism

The itinerary will also cover attractions to see in both places, depending on your interests. My estimate is that given the time you have on hand, you should be able to cover about 4 to 7 of the major attractions in the city, depending on your interests and which days you'll be travelling on. This itinerary will not include bookings. However, I will suggest 4 options of stay for each place. Additionally, I will plan the itinerary so as to work around your travel bookings.

Once we begin the consult, I will need the following details from you to plan the itinerary:






  1. What should an itinerary look like?


We believe our Experts bring more to the table than a regular travel agent who may/may not have experienced a place, first hand. We want customers visiting the site to also experience the same. Hence, we don’t expect standard, off the rack itineraries to be shared with a customer. Instead, we’re looking for itineraries that should be unique, detailed and exciting for the customer. To illustrate this point, we are sharing two hypothetical examples below of a “so-so/no-no” and a “great itinerary with you:


 What an average itinerary looks like? What a great itinerary looks like?
"Day 1: Arrive & Sightseeing at ABC. Overnight at ABC Day 2: Leave for DEF early morning, arrive at DEF, overnight at DEF. Day 3: Sightseeing DEF (include places to visit ), overnight at DEF Day 4: Leave for airport."

"Day 1: Take a morning flight from Delhi to Leh. There are currently 2 flights- one from Indigo and one from Jet Airways- that arrive before 12 noon. Would suggest one of those to maximize the time. Spend the day acclimatizing. Since, it's not advisable to physically exert yourself much for a couple of days after you land, I'd advise you to book into a boutique home-stay and spend the day chatting with the local host. Here are a couple of my recommendations: ABC, DEF, GHI. I've personally been to all 3 but my favourite has been ABC because the host has a huge library of mystery novellas and I absolutely loved the fact that I could curl up on a library chair near the window and enjoy the read. Highlights of my stay at DEF were the delicious English Breakfast and the super friendly golden retriever. GHI gives you access to the pantry so it's a great bet if you're travelling with toddlers in tow and need to rustle up special meals for them. If homestays, are not your thing you can try booking a hotel. IJK, LMN are some of the better known ones. If you're driving down via bike/car instead, here's what I would suggest for this day ______________________ Day 2: You may still not have acclimatized completely so I would suggest keeping this day light. Aim for maybe one or two attractions only. Monastery 1 & L's orchard are 2 good suggestions. They're fairly close to each other and to the centre of the city so you should be done with both in about 5 hours. While at L's orchard, do remember to pick a bottle of the bitter orange preserve. It's delicious! Remember to dress conservatively at the Monastery. Also, they don't allow phones and cameras so I suggest you leave those at the locker in ABC near the Monastery1 and pick it up on your way out."


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