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Our Story

The term 'GoPo' was coined from a combination of two words: "Go" and "Po", the Tamil word for "Go".  The Tamil influence is, in part, due to one of our co-founders having lived in "Madras" (or what is now known as Chennai) for a large part of her formative years.

The idea for GoPo, interestingly, began from a trip! In 2015, we were planning a trip to Goa and were doing our research the normal way... reading about an attraction and then checking out reviews on a leading travel review platform before deciding where to go. However, once there, we found ourselves sorely let down by some of the more hyped and highly reviewed attractions! We later realized that it was not the fault of the reviewer but that our expectations from a place were different from a reviewer whom we had no connection with. Where he/she was looking for a place to park his/her kids and take some time off, we were looking for a more immersive and engaging experience for a couple.

Many months later, we were talking to some friends about how the Magnetic Hill was going on our travel bucket list for the next year and they looked at us incredulously and scoffed! Little did we know then, that the hype around this attraction far exceeded the actual place itself.

That's when the idea for GoPo took root in a more solid way. As working professionals, working 9 to 8 jobs, we felt that travel planning was not everyone's cup of tea. The ton of conflicting information online and the paucity of time invariably lead to us getting overwhelmed, frustrated and put off by the planning process. 

One could argue that there are Travel Agents to fill that gap but, not everyone wants to be herded on a group tour which feels like you're on a timed PT Drill. Moreover, a packaged booking replicates the convenience of being in your home city so much so that one loses a sense of the local culture of a new place. So why travel then, if one was to go back to eating 'Idli's and 'Dosa's for breakfast instead of freshly baked Croissants in France? So, if not travel agents, the next best alternative we found was to rely on friends' experiences! Even there, we were limited by how much they had explored on their travels.

Against this background, we launched GoPo as a way for time strapped individuals to find reliable, leading Travel Experts to plan their trip. Each Featured Expert has been carefully curated basis their wealth of experience and their passion for travelling (responsibly!) across the globe and discovering new experiences.

So hop on aboard, share a requirement and enjoy the ride!

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