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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GoPo have to offer me?

At GoPo, you get a Personalized Platform where you find experienced and reliable experts who are leading Travel Writers to help you plan your journeys better. Try one of our Ready-to-Use itineraries that have been detailed out by the Featured Travel Experts and include recommendations on what to do, what to see and even where to stay and where to eat when travelling to a new place.

Can't find what you're looking for? Share your requirements and our Featured Experts put together customized itineraries for you.


Who are the Featured Travel Experts?

Our Featured Experts are leading travel writers and travel enthusiasts who have been specially curated by GoPo to professionally consult travellers on how to plan their holiday itineraries. These Experts offer guidance basis their own experiences in that place. Each Expert comes with a lot of on-ground Experience to help Solo Travellers, Couple Travellers, Family Travellers, Budget Backpackers and more plan their trips in India and abroad.


How do we select Featured Experts?

Each of our Featured Experts has been carefully vetted and selected basis their experience and work ethic. They are leading Travel Writers and are widely followed and trusted brands in their own right. Each Expert has dared to follow their passion for travel... some, on a full time basis and some, along with their day jobs. Either way, it is no mean feat that they feature among the top travel bloggers in the country and the World. Their travelogues and articles also routinely appear on leading travel publications like Lonely Planet & National Geographic.


Why do I need someone to plan my travel?

At GoPo, we believe that everyone wants to have a spectacular travel experience but the process of researching a trip can be annoying and daunting for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The internet is overloaded with information and one can easily get confused by the options available and isn't sure where to begin. 
  • Struggling to find time to research a trip while managing work and home responsibilities? When you're short on time, planning on week-nights and weekends just doesn't cut it.
  • Confused by conflicting reviews and opinions from faceless names online and is simply looking for a more personal and reliable interaction.
  • Worried about finding outdated information online.
  • Want a semi-autonomous plan wherein, one can choose their hotels and flights basis their convenience & holiday schedule instead of shelling out large sums for off-the-shelf, group/individual packages by a Travel Agent.
  • Have several specific requirements (such as ‘a road trip that is safe for pregnant women?’, ‘planning a solo hitchhiking trip across Spiti?’, ‘looking for home stays in Kerala that can offer Jain food?’ etc.) that require personalized attention.

At GoPo, the Travel Experts have already done their research and experienced the place first hand and can give you decisive, updated inputs on the best things to do and places to see, in almost no time at all. Whether you choose from one of our detailed, ready to use itineraries or opt for a tailor-made one, we've got you covered to ensure you have a fail-proof trip!

Here’s a quick read on the founders' story and how GoPo came into being.


How does the Customized Itinerary Consultation work?

Every consultation begins with the Customer who shares his set of specific requirements. These requirements are then shared with relevant Featured Experts who are either matched by GoPo (basis the requirement) or chosen directly by the Customer. Featured Experts respond to the Customer with a Quote that contains details of their expertise, an outline of the itinerary they propose to put together, any exclusions, number of days required to put together the itinerary and the cost of consultation.

The customer receives these Quotes from the Featured Experts. He/She can ask for clarifications he requires and then choose a Featured Expert he/she would like to work with, basis their Quotes. Once the customer approves the Quote, he/she makes the payment on GoPo and the Featured Expert receives a confirmation to begin work on the Itinerary. This is then shared with the Customer for feedback and/or iterations. When the customer approves the itinerary, the transaction is completed and the amount is transferred to the Featured Expert. A customer can ask an Expert for upto 3 revisions. 

In case, a customer does not revert with feedback or questions within 48 hours of receiving the itinerary, the consultation will automatically be deemed to have been completed and the payment for the same will be transferred to the Featured Expert.


Can I ask for iterations once I receive the itinerary?

Yes, you can request for upto 3 iterations within 48 Hours of receiving an itinerary. However, in case certain iterations require a significant amount of additional effort, the Expert concerned would treat it as a separate project and raise a Quote for the same. This is especially true in cases where there is a change in destination(s) or number of days.

Minor Iterations are acceptable and may not be charged by the Expert concerned. For instance, let’s take an example of a customer asking for and receiving an itinerary for Goa which includes a day of water sports. If the customer has a phobia of water or doesn’t enjoy water sports, he/she can ask the Featured Expert for a complementary iteration.


How can I ensure I like my itinerary?

To ensure that you get the itinerary you’re looking for we strongly recommend sharing as many specific details about your travel requirements, who you are travelling with, preferences, dislikes, travel constraints etc.

Once you receive an itinerary, you can request for upto 3 iterations/revisions, within 48 hours of receiving the itinerary. We're pretty confident that the itinerary you receive will match your requirements and expectations. (Note: Revision Requests can only be processed within 48 hours of receiving the itinerary in the customer's inbox. Incase, of no response within 48 hours, the itinerary will be automatically approved and no further requests for revision will be entertained).

In cases, where you believe you have received a plagiarised itinerary or one that contains inaccurate information, do write in to us at within 6 months of your purchase and we will be happy to issue a full refund of the consultation fees for the same.

Please refer to our Refunds & Cancellations Policy for the complete terms of use governing all purchases on GoPo.


What happens if the Featured Expert does not provide an itinerary within the prescribed time limit?

While we charge for the consult upfront, we work towards protecting the customer’s interest and payment. One of the ways we do so is by transferring the payment to the Featured Expert only after the final itinerary has been submitted and approved. If, for any reason, an Expert is unable to provide an itinerary within the prescribed time limit (as shared in their Quote), we automatically match your requirement to an alternate Expert or refund the entire amount to you.


What happens if I receive an inaccurate itinerary or plagiarised content?

In case, you receive an inaccurate itinerary or plagiarised content, please write in to us at stating specifics of the case. In case, inaccuracies are established, refunds for that consult will be issued. In case, of plagiarised content, we don’t accept responsibility on behalf of the Featured Expert. However, we will remove the content from our website and App and may even disallow the Featured Expert from our platform.


Are payments secure?

Yes. We work with PayU & Razorpay, both leading payment gateway service providers. All payments are encrypted using industry best practices and a secure SSL layer. To ensure payment protection for both the Featured Expert and the Customer, we strongly urge both our customers and Featured Experts to transact payments via the GoPo platform only.


Is my privacy maintained?

At GoPo, privacy is of the utmost concern and spamming is strictly discouraged on the platform. To this end, contact details are not shared with either the Featured Expert or the Customer until a Quote is approved and the consult begins. Once the consult is under way, E-Mail IDs may be shared with either party. However, for the sake of transparent resolution in the case of any disputes, we would strongly recommend maintaining a written record of all communication by communicating only via the GoPo platform..


How can I escalate a conflict?

As a first step, we encourage the Featured Expert and Customer to work in tandem to clarify all questions and provide a seamless experience for each other. For escalation of conflicts, please write to us at


How can I report inappropriate content or a user?

Write to us at and our team will get in touch with you to understand the specifics of your complaint and take appropriate measures.


Who can use the Itinerary Consultation Feature?

The itinerary consultation feature is open to individuals and institutions, in India or abroad. 

Our Featured Experts invest a lot of time, effort and money in researching a place and putting together itineraries. The copyright for all content and images shared by the Featured Expert on the itineraries and/or in their profile remains with the Featured Expert concerned, unless otherwise stated. Individuals and Businesses are prohibited from dissemination of this information to unintended persons by verbal, written, electronic or any other means for commercial gains or otherwise. Offenders found guilty, will be liable for legal action. 


Please Note: By transacting on the GoPo site as a Customer and/or as a Featured Expert, you confirm that you have read and understood our terms of use and will abide by them. 

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