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What does GoPo have to offer me?

At GoPo, you get a Personalized Platform where you find local and reliable expert who match your interests in terms of Activities you like to pursue and/or Locations you like to visit. Ask just about any question about the activities that you want to pursue and/or the place you want to visit and find helpful people and novel activities, experiences and places!

What’s more- in case you believe that you have an expertise in a certain set of Activities and/or places; you can help answer questions for the newbie visiting. Why not earn some good karma? After all, what goes around comes around!


Which activities can I express my interest in?

Whether you are into activities like Sightseeing and Food Tours & Tastings or into activities like Adventure Travel, Nature & Wildlife, and Weekend Getaways, we have it all in one place. In case we have missed out on an activity that interests you, just email us at and we will get in touch with you to understand your requirement better.


Who’s an Explorer or a Guru?

Great Question! An Explorer is typically a person who visits a place or tries a new activity for the first time and is looks for some help from people in the know, to get started. People who have relocated to a new place or anyone looking to explore a place/activity in-depth is an Explorer.

A Guru is the “Been There, Done That” person for the Explorer. Generally, someone who has visited a place extensively or is a pro at an activity/place or a local becomes a Guru. They are the go to people for questions related to an activity and/or place.


Can I be both an Expert and an Explorer?

Sure, why not? At GoPo, we understand that travel is an ongoing process of discovery. You may have been to your favourite place(s) that you know like the back of your hand numerous times. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to go to a new place on your bucket list. At that time, feel free to reach out to people who’re a Guru in that new place you want to explore. In the meanwhile, do help out people visiting the place(s) you know so well. The same goes for activities you like to do. You may be a diving Ninja but a surfing apprentice… You get the drift!



What kind of Questions can I ask?

Just about anything under the sun that’s related to planning your travel. Just choose a place and/or an activity and you’re good to go. Do NOT use the Forum to create solicitation requests or for commercial/promotional purposes. If you’re looking to promote a trip/company, please write in to us separately at

Before posting a new question, be sure to check out the dos and don’ts in our < Community Guidelines>. All questions must adhere to the same. Questions that don’t adhere to the guidelines will be deleted at the discretion of GoPo.

What if my question doesn’t get any response or the answer does not fit my needs?

Ideally, multiple people respond to your question so it is likely that you will find the answers you seek. However, if you haven’t, you could try phrasing the question differently and ask again. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when asking a question. Do read our Community Guidelines for more handy tips!

  • Don’t ask vague questions unless you’re looking for vague answers
  • Try to be specific about the activities or locations you’re asking about so we can match you to the best suited people to get you some answers and information.
  • Don’t give out personal details. It is a public forum and safety and privacy should be of topmost priority
  • Ask only one question at a time. For follow up questions, please post a new query.
  • If you have found an answer useful, do remember to mark your query as “resolved”. This helps build appreciation for the person who’s taken the time to answer your query.

What motivates people to answer questions?

We make it very easy for you to ask and answer questions – you just get a notification on your phone or e-mail and you can respond to them at your own convenience. It’s like in a real world social setting – there are some who like to share their knowledge while others love to help strangers. Everyone has their own reasons – GoPo works because innately, human beings are good and want to help each other.

How to report inappropriate content or a user?

Just click on the Report button and we will take care of the rest. In some cases, we may need more details from you before taking action. In those cases, our team will get in touch with you to understand the specifics of your complaint.

Can I Ask or Answer questions only in English?

Currently, yes. However, we hope to soon get cracking on introducing more languages as we grow and see more of the world!

Do I need to mark an answer as relevant?

We hope you will if you are satisfied by the Answer and/or have tried out the recommendation and believe that it has worked for you. The expert has taken time out from his busy schedule and may have introduced you to something new. In doing so, the expert has saved you time and maybe even money and acknowledging his effort by marking the answer as relevant is the least you can do. As a bonus, you also help other travelers looking for the same information by showing them exactly what made sense to you.

Who can mark an answer as relevant?

ONLY the person asking the question can mark an answer as relevant.

How to get the best answers?

Just identify the right set of experts to answer your question. How do you do that? Well, it’s simple – just use the filter to enter the Activity for which you are asking the question. If your question is also location specific, enter that as well. We at GoPo, or rather our complex algorithm, will match your question with the experts who are most likely to answer. The experts will get a notification and believe you us, more often than not they will answer your question.

How can I use the filter?

Whether you are looking to identify the right Pro/Explorer to Ask/Answer a question or you are searching the Blog Excerpts from Pros, the filter can be used in 1 simple way. Just enter the relevant Activity and voila, you will get the relevant results. You can also add your location in case your search is location specific.

Can I edit a Question that I have submitted?

Yes, unless you procrastinate and leave it for later. As soon as you receive an answer, you can no longer edit your question.

Can I edit an answer that I have submitted?

No, once an answer is submitted you can no longer edit it.

What’s the Blog Feed?

This section contains excerpts published from blogs of travel bloggers or travel enthusiasts. If you have a blog that covers topics related to travel and experiences in your city, you can publish an excerpt of the same here. The excerpt then links to your own blog. To get more relevant readers, do also tell users what broad activity or location the blog post is about when entering the excerpt. The activity and location should be filled in the respective fields. Please review your blog excerpt before posting the same. Once posted, a blog excerpt cannot be deleted.

As a reader, you can use the filter option to sort blogs that match your activity or location of interest before reading them.

Blog feeds are also subject to community guidelines. Please note the blog feed is not a medium to post advertisements or advertorial content. Users found doing so may have their profiles/blog removed permanently.


Are there any costs?

Like the best things in life, this app is absolutely free and there are no hidden charges!

How easy is it to quit?

We sincerely hope you won’t want to quit, but if you absolutely must, write to us at and we will do what’s necessary to delete your account.

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