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Have you ever given up on planning a trip because you're overwhelmed and frustrated by the tons of conflicting information available online? Or running short on time and compromising on having a fabulous break? Ever been on a "well planned trip" only to realise that what you read about is different from what actually exists, on the ground? 

We hear you! We have been there too and so have others.

Introducing, GoPo... a platform for you to connect with real people with real faces and real experiences to plan your trips, vacations, breaks and any other getaway. We believe that getting one's bookings in place is the easy part. The real challenge lies in charting out an itinerary and getting local insights to make it failproof.

Short on time and inspiration? Connect with some of the best Travel Writers & Experts in the country and abroad to get completely customized itineraries, planned to order! These Featured Experts are bound together by one thing... they have been bitten by the Wanderlust Bug! It's in their DNA to explore a place thoroughly and discover new experiences. Infact, they may even show you a side of a place that even the locals may have missed. They've travelled the "road often travelled" and the "road less travelled". They've experience the exhilaration of a fabulous discovery and experienced the disappointment of a let-down. They now use their experience to ensure you see and experience not just the best that each place has to offer but, the best for you!

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