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2 Days in Rishikesh: Rafting, Spirituality, Relaxation

Deepshikha Sirohi

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Uttrakhand’s most visited place, Rishikesh is a beautiful and serene city with natural attractions like hills and lakes. Rishikesh breathes purity and spirituality and is a hot spot for yoga practitioners & rafting enthusiasts.

Itinerary Destinations  Destination(s): Rishikesh, Uttarakhand (India)

GoPo Itinerary Duration Trip Duration: 2 Days & 2 Nights (Excludes Travel Time To & From Destination)

Itinerary Suitable ForSuitable For: Solo/Group Travellers, Families with Kids/Infants, Couples, Budget Travellers

What does this itinerary contain? What Do You Get? Daily Sightseeing Plan, Recommended Hotels, Handy Guide for First Time Travellers, How To Travel Locally.

Estimated Trip Budget? INR 6,000- 7,000/Head (Excluding Travel Fare To/From Destination).


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Uttrakhand’s most visited place, Rishikesh is a beautiful and serene city with natural attractions like hills and lakes. Rishikesh breathes purity and spirituality and holds the distinction of being a hotspot for yoga practitioners. Feel a sense of belonging as you enter the city, as it welcomes everyone with open green valleys and infinite love. Enjoy the thrill of adventure and breathe spirituality in every corner of this city.

Note: This itinerary includes recommendations on where to stay (basis the author's personal experience), prominent attractions, rafting and quick tips on how to best enjoy your stay here.

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Deepshikha Sirohi:

Hi, I am Deepshikha- a passionate traveler. I love life and the world around me. It would be less to say that I found myself only through adventures and traveling. Basically, I am thinking about traveling, if I am not doing it. With every trip, I feel myself a little more connected to nature and young inside. Traveling has taught me that life is not limited to what you see around you, there is more, there is always more. Move, explore and get loved. You will find yourself, new and happy, every time. And most importantly I believe in beliefs and that's how I make myself to live again every time things go upside down.

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