Unexplored Beaches Of Goa

Unexplored Beaches Of Goa

September 18, 2017

Quick Upshot: Looking to let off some steam in Goa but don’t want to get bogged down by the crowds? We have just the thing for you. Check out our top picks of secluded beaches in Goa that are sure to satisfy the true blue beach bum in you who loves the whole package of the sun, sand, surf and sea minus the crowd and littered beaches..

Some years ago, we made our first trip to Goa and experienced a most magical evening spent on a deck chair on a small, unfrequented beach with nothing but the sound of the waves making landfall and a star spangled sky for company. The solitude that evening is a memory we’ll always cherish as it helped us tune out the din from the world outside and tune in to ourselves. Unfortunately, the one thing we forgot to do was to make a note of where we were! And thus, began a series of futile attempts at recreating that experience on subsequent trips to Goa. Ultimately, we turned to our Featured Experts on GoPo and checked for advice from Locals on GoPo to help us discover more such experiences. Here’s our pick- in no particular order- of the most recommended beaches in Goa that miraculously remain largely unexplored and hence, tranquil and pristine.

1. Majorda Beach, South Goa: While this is not exactly a secluded beach, it is nevertheless clean and less ‘touristy’. The beach is also famous for the bakery items and breads sold here. It is said that the famous Goan Toddy was invented here.

2Butterfly Beach, South Goa: One of the most secluded and unexplored beaches in Goa, Butterfly Beach is ideal for people looking for tranquility and solitude. The beach is surrounded by thick forests making it difficult to get here by land, unless one is up for a 2 hour trek through the forest. The easier route is to take a boat from Palolem or Agonda.

Butterfly Beach. Image Source
3. Kakolem Beach/Tiger Beach, South Goa: There is a tinge of adventure and romanticism about this beach that starts from trying to get here. The scenic beauty leaves one speechless while the absence of shacks and hotels around it ensure the beach is clean and quiet. Hiring a boat is the easier and recommended way to get here. However, if you have a little bit of that ‘pirate explorer’ blood in you, you could try the road option (and hope not to get lost!). The approach to the beach is via a nondescript broken down road as one heads north east to Cola village on the NH 66. The road leads to a platform with several steep steps leading to the beach. The beach also boasts of a spring that flows into the sea. One can also spot dolphins here if you visit early in the morning.
4. Cola Beach, South Goa: Close to Agonda & Palolem, this beach is interesting because it has a sweet water lagoon formed on one end and a brook connects from the lagoon to the sea. The beach is surrounded by tents that one can book to stay. One can also swim in the Lagoon.

Lagoon at Cola Beach. Image Source
5. Betul Beach, South Goa: Head here if you’re looking to sample some of the traditional coastal fishing village life. Located about 21 KM from Margao, this beach is also interesting because of a river that cuts across separating the beach from the ‘mainland’. To get here, one needs to get to Mobor Beach and then take the Cavelossim-Assolna ferry across.

Betul Beach. Image Source

6. Hollant Beach, South Goa: Now this one is a keeper. With shallow waters, absence of undercurrents and a gradually sloping shoreline, Hollant Beach is one of the few beaches in Goa where one can safely swim in the sea. Though well connected by road, there is no public transport available here making it relatively less frequented.

    7. Arambol Beach & Palilem Beach, North Goa: Believed to be the Hippie capital of Goa, this beach may just be the answer to all your Spa requirements. A short walk away from the beach is a sweet water lake at the Palilem Beach. The lake is fed by hot water springs as a result of which sulphurous mud lines the lake. This mud is believed to have healing properties.

    8. Morjim, North Goa: Located north of Panaji, this beach is getting increasingly popular. Bird Watching and the fact that this is a nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtle is part of the allure. By the by, if protecting the Olive Ridleys is something you can relate to but crowds are not, you can also visit the more secluded Galjibag Beach.

    Olive Ridleys at the Morjim Beach, Image Source

    9. Sinquerim Beach, North Goa: One of the less frequented beaches of North Goa, this one has pristine white sands and is very close to the famous Aguada Fort. It also helps that there are several luxurious hotels in the vicinity making it a complete package if you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion.

    Sinquerim Fort. Image Source
    10. Siridao Beach, Central Goa: Located 12 KM south of Panaji, this rocky-sandy beach has a rather rugged appeal. The reason why this makes our list is because the shores have several fragments of oyster shells that get washed up making it a shell collector’s paradise. There are also caves in the vicinity for those in the mood to explore.

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