Most Scenic Cities in Europe: Part 1

Most Scenic Cities in Europe: Part 1

August 10, 2017

Recently, a close family member announced her decision to move to Florence for a year to study. Immediately, the wheels of wanderlust in our mind were spinning as we started to ‘research’ the place and what one could visit over there. During the course of this, we came across an interesting list of the top 20 cities in Europe compiled by Condé Nast Traveler as part of their recent Reader’s Choice Poll of 2016. In the first of the two part series, we pick our favourites from that list and what we’re digging about each of these cities. Read here to see the places we covered in the first part.


  1. Florence, Italy

Apart from being the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is also a popular hub for art and culture drawing students and tourists alike. Apart from the several museums around, we love the cobbled stone paths that traverse the city and the ‘vintage’ coffee bars around. Also, a common thread that appeals to us both in Rome and Florence is that both have an undercurrent of chaos and laidback-ness, existing  together, that reminds us a lot of India.

GoPo's pick of top European cities for tourists- Florence

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  1. Rome, Italy

Delicious Pizzas, Gelatos, the Roman Baths, Vatican City, Gladiators and of course, the ruins of the Roman Empire best sums up our fondest memories of this city. Another unique aspect of Rome is that the city is built upon a city so there are ruins of buildings intact below existing buildings.

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Colloseum at Rome

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  1. Paris, France

Apart from being one of the most romantic cities in the World, things we fell in love with in Paris were the cheeses, people-watching over a delicious, warm cup of hot chocolate at any of their cafes, the Creperies, dinner cruises on the Seine, long walks just taking in the architecture and feel of the city, the graffiti, the Parisian’s sense of high fashion, watching people rush by on the streets, Disneyworld and plate sizes (the French eat in small portions and hence, even plate sizes in restaurants are on the smaller side)! 

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 GoPo's pick of top cities to visit in Europe: Paris

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  1. Lucerne, Switzerland:

Located near the base of the Alps and in close proximity to the Zurich airport, Lucerne makes for a great tourist base to discover Switzerland. The town also has the convenience of several indoor and outdoor options making it a great tourist spot in all weather without all the trappings of a bigger city like Zurich.

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GoPo's pick of top cities to visit in Europe: Lucerne

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  1. Salzburg, Austria:

Apart from being the home town of Mozart & the famous musical, ‘The Sound of Music’, Salzburg is home to beautiful Baroque buildings with an old worldly charm, delicious food and a quaint, scenic beauty.

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 GoPo's pick of top cities to visit in Europe: Salzburg, Austria

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