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Caught Making Last Minute Travel Plans?

Over a year back, we quit our day jobs. When we wrote about it, we found that it resonated with many either because they either feel like quitting their job and/or they romanticize the concept of 'doing your own thing'.

If anything comes second to the constant talk about quitting one's job, it's the need for a break to do something offbeat.

I do not have data to corroborate this, but if anyone were to keep a track of candid discussions that happen near coffee vending machines or over 'Chai' and/or Smoke breaks (disclaimer: cigarette smoking is injurious to health), one would get a fair idea that the need for an offbeat vacation is indeed a pressing one. The reality, however, is that more often than not working professionals end up doing more of the same things that either their peer group has done or what has already worked for them.

Why, you ask? It's because they just don't have the time - period! 9 AM to 8 PM job, 6 days a week, and often at-least 3 hours of travel time per day. Do the math! You're spending close to (an additional) 30 days a year in commute time. All of this together is enough to kill your enthusiasm to plan a memorable vacation. The effort involved in planning the offbeat vacation - open all possible travel forums on different tabs, while at work or in bed, and then get completely confused by the big two questions: Where to Go? & What to Do? .

End result: We either get mind-boggled by opening too many articles/forums or close everything and look for inspiration from friends & peer group! The problem with opting for vacation plans that worked for your friends/peer group, is that your expectations or requirements may not always be the same. For example, you would be setting yourself up for disappointment if you are the kind of person who loves to experience places with outdoor activities, while you opt for your friend's recommendation that was basis his/her interest in sightseeing. If you have ever worked in a high pressure job in the 'Corporate' world, you would empathize with those for whom that yearly vacation, long weekends, etc. is like gold dust. That much needed break is often deemed as a window for finding solutions to/getting away from every problem that one has in corporate life. It is as important as getting married - it's like marriage is the solution for every problem that one has in life (true at-least in an Indian context). Yes indeed, having a fail proof plan for one's vacation is as important as choosing the 'right' life partner for you. If only we were to focus as much on the former as we do on the latter.

So, where are you heading to this year? And, how are you planning for it?

Contributed By: Avishek Sarkar, Founder at GoPo

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